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THE  CHABRXSI  PAPA.                                               213
for me. Rejoice, Sri Hit Hari Yans ! the loving pair, one dark, one fair, are
like two cygnets ; tell me who can separate wave from water ?*
II.    " 0 my Beloved, has the fair spoken ? this is surely a beautiful night;
the lightning is folded in the lusty cloud's emhrace.    0 friend, -where is the
woman who would quarrel with so exquisite a prince of gallants ? Eejolce, Sri
Hari Vans I dear Radhika hearkened with her ears and with voluptuous emotion
joined in love's delights.t
III.    " At day-break the wanton pair, crowned with victory in love's conflict,
were all-exuberant.    On her face are frequent beads of labour's dew, and all
the adornments of her person are in disarray, the paint-spot on her brow is all
but effaced by *heatj and the straggling curls upon her lotus face resemble
roaming bees, {Bejoice, Sri Hit Hari Yans I) her eyes are red with love's
colours and her voice and loins feeble and relaxed,
IT. i: Tour face, fair darne, to-day is fall of joy, betokening your happi-
ness and deiigiit in the Intercourse with your Beloved. Your voice is languid
and tremulous^ your cheeks aflame, and Doth 3*0111 weary eyes are red with
sleeplessness ; your pretty tilak half effaced, the Sowers on your head faded,
and the parting of your hair as if you had never made it at all. The Bounti-
ful one of his grace refused you no boon, as you coyly took the hem of
your robe between your teeth. Why shrink away so demurely ? you hove
changed clothes with your Beloved, and the dark-hued swain has subdued you
as completely as though lie had been tutored by a hundred Loves. The
garland on his breast is faded, the cLsp of his waist-belt loose (Rejoice, Sri
Hit Hari Tans !} as he comes from Ms couch in the bower.
T. :i To-day at da^n there was a shower of rapture in the bower, where
the happy pair were delighting themselves, one dark, one fair, bright with all
gay colours, as she tripped with dainty foot upon the floor. Great Svam, the
glorious l&rd of love, had Ms fiower vreath stained with the saffron dye of her
breasts, and was embellished with the scratches of Ms darling's-nails ; she too
ivas marked by the hands of her jewel of lovers. Hie happy p w in an ecstasy
* That is to say, it is nothing strange that EldM an.   Krislma should take and* mutual
delight ja one anotbeij since they are in fact oae and axe &a imeparsfole as a wavettad the water
of which titie wave is composed.
f Tte firec Hue ift a question put to Kriefana by one of EMM'S maids, asking him if her mis-
tress had promised MBC an interriew. The second line is a mnaxk wMch ibe trans and ma&ea to
oae of feet OVB companions.